Use of the 50-station gym with high quality Life Fitness cardio and resistance kit, including the SYNRGY 360, a multi-purpose fitness station that brings adaptable variety to the gym floor.

All workout classes, including LES MILLS’ amazing, immersive indoor cycling experience, The Trip - this has to be seen to be believed!

The Outdoor Bootcamp area - perfect for al fresco exercising.

Free access to the body composition tool, boditrax - the amazing machine, which tells you how healthy you really are. Login, step up, grab the handles and 30 seconds later you’ll be presented with a full body MOT, and unlike at the garage, there’ll be no hidden charges. Use your boditrax readout to work out better, setting goals and making measurable progress.

12 Month Contracted Direct Debit

For people who want to pay monthly, this is our best deal at just £34.99. This is our most popular way to pay - commit to 12 months of fitness and fun, and save £5.00 per month compared to the Rolling Membership.

  • Gym
  • Workout Classes
  • Outdoor Bootcamp Area
  • Boditrax
£34.99pm Minimum 12 Month Contract, rolling thereafter.

Rolling Direct Debit

If you don’t like to be tied down, our Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Direct Debit option will suit you down to the ground. Each month, we’ll take £39.99 from your account. If you want to leave us - unlikely as we are pretty awesome - just give us 30 days’ notice and you’re done. But there are better ways to get your More Fitness fix.

  • Gym
  • Workout Classes
  • Outdoor Bootcamp Area
  • Boditrax

Annual Membership

The Big One. The Star Baker. The Top Banana of membership options. We’re talking about the Annual! 12 months for the price of 10. Pay for a year up front, and you get More Fitness for the lowest price possible - £350 for the whole year.

  • Gym
  • Workout Classes
  • Outdoor Bootcamp Area
  • Boditrax
£350.00 12 Months for the Price of 10


  • We will respect your personal decisions and allow you to make your own decisions about what exercise you can carry out. However, we ask you not to exercise beyond what you consider to be your own abilities.
  • We will make every reasonable effort to make sure that our equipment and Facilities are in a safe condition for you to use and enjoy.
  • We will take all reasonable steps to make sure that our staff are qualified to the fitness industry standards.
  • If you tell us you have a disability which puts you at a substantial disadvantage in accessing our equipment and Facilities, we will consider what adjustments, if any, are reasonable for us to make.

  • You should not exercise beyond your own abilities. If you know or are concerned that you have a medical condition that might interfere with you exercising safely, you should get advice from a relevant medical professional and follow that advice before using our equipment and Facilities.
  • You should use the Facilities in a safe manner and take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and other persons using the Facilities.
  • You should make yourself aware of any rules and instructions, including warning notices. Exercise carries its own risks. You should not carry out any activities which you have been told are not suitable for you.
  • You should notify your instructor of any existing or new medical conditions before you commence an activity.
  • You should let us know immediately if you feel ill when using our equipment or Facilities.
  • Our staff members are not qualified doctors, but there will be a person available who has first aid training.
  • If you have a disability, you must follow any reasonable instructions to allow you to exercise safely.

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