Download it today so you’re ready to start your journey to More Fitness. Once the app’s on your phone, it becomes your all-in-one fitness portal. You use it to enter the gym (no more lost membership cards), you use it to track workouts, you use it to gain reward points, enter challenges, book exercise classes… there’s so much to this app.

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Class Bookings

View your gym class calendar and guarantee your place in our classes.

Your Challenges

Join in our monthly challenges to boost your fitness, keep you motivated, and earn points for prizes.

Your Rewards

Record your workouts, earn points, and redeem them against some fantastic prizes.


Record and store your workouts in one easy place with x-Capture… and earn points too!

And much MORE

We've got loads of amazing features to help you get the most out of your workouts, click the button below to find out more and download...



Setting up Your App

When you first open the app you’ll be asked to ‘Sign Up’, this will create an account for our mobile app which can record your workouts, challenges, and rewards. This will be a different account to the one you created when you joined online.

When you go to make a class booking for the first time you’ll be asked to login with your email address and password – this will be the same credentials as you used when you joined online.

Scanning into the Gym

At the top right corner of the homescreen you’ll see a barcode button – click into this and set your barcode to be your Membership Number (it’ll look something like MFH123456). You’ll now be able scan into the front door with your smartphone!

Barcode Screen